Vindsubsidies congratulates Twente Medical Systems International on Eurostars success

European funding programme, Eurostars, scores SME driven research projects highly with top scoring projects coming from Health, Life Science and ICT projects in the Netherlands in addition to Biotechnology and Medical Technology in the UK.

Vindsubsidies, on behalf of a consortium formed by Twente Medical Systems International (TMSi) , Eindhoven University of Technology and the French partners Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique and La Hospital Amiens-Picardie, recently won a substantial Eurostars grant amounting to almost €700,000 for a prestigious health project to reduce preterm birth.

Preterm birth is the major cause of child mortality and morbidity (63%) in the EU. Drugs to suppress preterm delivery are available but they only work if administered at the right time. TMSi and its partners have developed a self-care monitoring device to measure uterine contractions which allows timely drug administration to reduce the risk of preterm birth.

Proud to Contribute Tim Lage Venterink, consultant of Vindsubsidies, commented: “it was a pleasure to contribute towards such a worthwhile and significant win. It’s not every day that you get the opportunity to contribute towards such a fantastic project that offers help to so many people.”.

Eurostars is a European funding programme that supports innovative product development driven by SMEs and their partners. With over € 1.1 billion available (worth €18 million in the Netherlands and €24 million in UK annually), Eurostars was set-up to overcome the difficulties that SMEs often face to attract public-sector funding when researching and developing projects across national borders.

High level of requests from Health, Life Science and ICT Elke van de Graaf, advisor to the Dutch Governmental Enterprise Agency, commented on the excellent performance from Dutch Health, Life Science, ICT and HTSM (High Tech Systems and Materials) projects remarking “that for some reason they know how to find navigate the Eurostars programme better than companies in other industries’.

Everything is welcome except tanks’ The Dutch Governmental Enterprise Agency was disappointed by the lack of requests from other industry sectors and hoped that this would change in the future. According to Van de Graaf, “

Focus on Research & Development Van de Graaf indicated that Eurostars focused on the research and development stage of a project whilst other programmes often targeted the market launch. Van de Graaf remarked that “Eurostars can be used as a stepping stone to other Brussels funding.”

Eurostars success for NL and UK Eurostars spring opening yielded 21 positive decisions for Dutch projects and 18 in the UK. The latest round closed in mid-September with 376 applications being submitted, of which 74 came from the Netherlands and 59 from the UK.

Join Eurostars next year? Deadlines for requesting Eurostars 2017 are set for 2 March and 14 September.

Experience counts – get in touch with our EU funding experts To benefit from our in-depth knowledge of Eurostars, email (in the UK) or (in the Netherlands).

Further reading: Five tips to get your Eurostars project application in the spotlight:

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