New online training: Gifts and Hospitality for the Christmas season

It won’t be long before the Christmas season is here. It’s that time time of year when a large number of company representatives and council workers will not only send invitations but will also receive them and potentially gifts as well. It’s when you receive/accept a gift that you need to be extra careful.


There are strict legal regulations in place concerning gift giving and many companies have already defined their own rules and indicated what gift value is still acceptable and permitted. However, employees are still often confused and need reassurance as to:

  • Which presents or invitations could they accept?
  • Which gifts are too valuable?
  • What gesture is appropriate?
  • Is there a possibility that I might get my business partner into difficulty if I give him a gift?

Idox Compliance supports businesses and local authorities to educate their employees on this sensitive topic and to provide answers to the questions above, through the delivery of a new, brief online training course. Employees will receive tips on how to deal with invitations and gifts, and the training provides audit questions as well as realistic practical examples. The training also addresses the subject of how to liaise with officials, and how to deal with obvious influencing attempts and documentation obligations.

The training can be undertaken not only during the Christmas season but also as a regular seasonal refresher.

Since exchanging gifts needs to be something to enjoy, Idox Compliance’s training is designed to raise employee awareness that there are rules that need to be followed.

The course is available in German and English.

Please get in touch if you’d like to learn more on Gifts and Hospitality.

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