Eurostars: funding for high-tech solutions and international cooperation

Companies from all around Europe who participate in an international consortium and are working on innovative technology projects that contribute to solving a social problem can apply for funding from the popular European Funding Programme Eurostars.

This month a new Eurostars call for projects opened. Consortia consisting of at least one high-tech SME joined by at least one other company or research institution are invited to apply.  History shows that competition among Eurostars applicants is high. Therefore Vindsubsidies, the Idox Grants authority in the Netherlands, shares five tips that will help you to impress your EU project evaluator and increase your chance to win funding for your project.

Five tips to get your Eurostars project application in the spotlight

1 Provide a strong consortium
All disciplines should be represented. It is important for Eurostars to not only develop a high-tech solution but you need to be able to demonstrate that your international partnership has all the necessary qualities to bring the project to fruition. The consortium also needs to include a partner that is able to convert the solution into a viable commercial success. The importance placed on your marketing and commercialisation plan in your project proposal should not be underestimated as it is considered a central part.

Through Idox Grants network, we can help you to find the right companies and research institutions to build your project.

2 You need to pitch your project in your application
From the first page of your application, you need to convince the evaluator of the value and importance of your project. Ask yourself the following questions —Is your project technically innovative?  Is it commercially attractive? How are you going to take your solution to market?  Are you the right company to carry out this project? You need to be impressive to stand out from the competition, but also realistic because the evaluator may know your market well.

By strongly and realistically addressing the above questions will help you to increase your chance of a positive recommendation.

3 Show that your consortium is financially healthy
When the financial capacity of a partnership is not sufficient, it is likely that the EU evaluators will have little faith in a positive outcome for the project and disapprove the application. Of course it depends on the organisation’s role in the partnership and how crucial their financial condition is. If a company has the leading role and bad financial health, the chances of not getting selected is very high. On the other hand, if the project is highly innovative and the partner with financial uncertainty only has a minor role, there may still be a chance of being selected.

4 Do not be afraid to mention project risks
Project proposals with highly innovative and technological risks have greater chance to be evaluated in a positive way by the Eurostars experts. However, these risks need to be clearly defined in your project proposal, including suggestions and solutions to tackle them.

5 Read the guidelines
This is the only way to know for sure that you do not miss any important elements in your proposal and that it is completed fully. You can find the guidelines here.

Vindsubsidies has experience with writing and submitting successful Eurostars applications and assessing project proposals. A number of Vindsubsidies consultants have valid Expert credentials, and can be considered as official evaluators for EU grant proposals by the European Commission.

Idox Grants offers a range of services including consultancy, events and training across Europe.  If you would like further information about any of these services or want to find out more about the Eurostars Funding Programme or how to write a promising funding application: contact Idox Grants, email (in the UK) or (in the Netherlands).

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